“I sign off every blend, so you get a delicious coffee in every cup”

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Fairtrade Coffee

Our Fairtrade coffee blends, Blend 2 and Blend 9, are fully traceable back to source. We know this is important to so many organisations and consumers, as it is to us. So, here is a little more information surrounding our Fairtrade blends.

Brazilian Coffee

Blend 2 and Blend 9

The Associação dos Cafeicultores dos Bairros Gabirobal e Gonçalves (ACAFEG) is an association of coffee cooperatives in Andrada, Brazil, located in the major coffee-producing state of Minas Gerais. The association was founded in 2007 for farmers striving to improve their quality of life and protect the environment. Their slogan “Awareness, Attitude, and Commitment” represents their dedication to environmental protection, helping one another, and yielding high-quality beans. Members meet once a month to identify problems, solutions, and opportunities for the cooperative, and the ACAFEG constantly seeks to enhance their production processes and the marketing of their coffee. Fairtrade recognizes them for their emphasis on community unity, environmental stewardship, and a devotion to enriching output, a set of values and standards that so beautifully reflects the principles of fairtrade.

Vietnamese Coffee

Blend 2

In early 2008, the Dakman Company (a coffee processing company) began to work on improving the quality of coffee from the farmers in this area. They organised and provided training on 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community Association) standards and GAP (Good Agriculture Practice). Then Dakman helped the farmers from the area to set up the producer group, CUDLIEMNONG. The cooperative received Fairtrade Certification in 2009 and currently has 84 members.