“I sign off every blend, so you get a delicious coffee in every cup”

Duncan Balmforth signature Duncan Balmforth, Founder



The Balmforth & Co story began over 50 years ago. With this wealth of experience in the coffee industry, it’s fair to say we know coffee.

Back in 1967, Duncan Balmforth made it his personal mission to understand what makes a delicious hot drink.

We have remained independent for over 50 years, allowing us to give our partners a personalised touch, developing our blends to satisfy their needs and wants.


When you choose one of our Fairtrade coffees it means that our farmers not only build a better quality of life for their family and community, but also invest in the future of their farm and into a better quality bean.

However you can be assured that even our non-certified blends are all sustainably sourced, with various initiatives taking place to reinvest in the local community where they are grown.

Carbon Zero

Our values and ethos are what we believe set us apart. We have been Carbon Zero for over ten years, offsetting our corporate carbon footprint by supporting the Kenyan Energy Efficient Stove Project.

We are a responsible company that truly cares about our customers and the journey they take with us.