Barista Style

Barista Style

Our wide range of accessories includes everything you need. From metal coffee tampers, stainless steel knock-out draws, thermometers, and foaming jugs to ensure milk perfection or to stands and shakers for the storage of syrups and toppings.
Every coffee addict needs an arsenal of accessories to create the perfect cup of coffee at home or at work. From bean to froth, we’ve collected and tested a range of coffee-making gear to bring you the best there is.

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Every accessory you may need as a barista to make a delicious coffee.

Barista Style​

The world of a coffee drink

More About COFFEE

Roasting the seeds was not a way to serve coffee until the 1400s. During the cultivation, brewed coffee was reserved exclusively for the priesthood and the medical profession; doctors would use the brew for patients experiencing a need for better digestion, and priests used it to stay alert during their long nights of studying for the church.

Coffee was first introduced to Europe in Hungary in 1526 and spread all over Europe in no time at all. Loved by millions across the whole world Coffee became No1 drink for more and more people every year. It is really hard to imagine our life without this trully inspirational drink.

Arabica coffee beans

Arabica coffee beans is one of the most popular types and it’s believed to be one of the first coffee species ever grown with roots dating back to 1,000BC.

Robusta coffee beans

Commonly grown in Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Robusta has lower acidity levels than Arabica coffee. It’s a popular choice for espressos due to the rich flavor and layer of crema it gives.