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We have worked hard to create a range of best tasting coffee blends to suit any taste. With a mix of Fairtrade and sustainable cheap coffee beans, 100% Arabica, or a blend of Arabica and Robusta and caffeine free for the decaf coffee drinkers!

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Get on board with our champion scheme for a fully branded Balmforth & Co coffee shop.

Fairtrade Coffee Blends

Our Fairtrade coffee blends, Blend 2 and Blend 9, are fully traceable back to source.

Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinating coffee beans simply means extracting the caffeine from the coffee bean.


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Customers Reviews

We are so glad that we have found such a good supplier for our coffee machines in face of Balmforth and Co. Our customers love it.
Rosie King

Small To Big

Servicing all type of business from small coffee shops, to large hotel chains across the UK.

I have found a perfect coffee blend for myself and my employees. Everybody is happy, well so am I.
Rob Keating

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                     All of our coffee is sustainably sourced and grown.

Our coffee beans are sourced from                          a range of countries to bring you                          the best tasting coffee.

                              Our coffee is roasted at a variety of temperatures.

                                     We use our advanced                                                   colour meter to                                                             ensure consistency                                                        at all times.

All our packaging is aluminium free.

                    The complete                                                                   journey of a cup                                                            of coffee.