B&Co Premium Coffee Beans

B&Co Premium Coffee Beans

Choosing the right type of coffee beans for your commercial coffee machine is just as important as buying the right coffee equipment needed to create a coffee experience that keeps bringing you back.

Many factors determine the taste of coffee, and the degree to which coffee beans are roasted is perhaps the most important. Before the roasting process, coffee beans are green, soft, and have very little taste. The roasting process takes the simplicity of the raw, green beans and transforms them into the flavourful and aromatic coffee we all know and love.

Coffee roast levels are most described by their colour, varying from light to dark. One of the most beloved roast profiles is the medium roast. Medium-roasted coffees are an excellent middle ground for those being introduced to coffee. That is not to say that medium roast beans are simple or lack a speciality-grade label. Blend 7 coffee beans are one of our best-selling coffees of all time.

If you are trying to figure out which coffee roast to buy, a medium roast is a tasty and reliable place to start. We love medium roast coffees because they are approachable to all coffee drinkers. If roasted correctly, the flavours of the bean and the uniqueness of the cup will still be enjoyed. The coffees are so full-bodied, and the taste is so smooth, you can never go wrong with a medium roast selection.

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