A delicious, smooth cuppa. Great taste, less waste. We recommend one teaspoon for a delicious cuppa.PG tips is a British favourite. It always tastes great. And it always helps bring people together. When your customers need a cuppa, offer them a PG tips.

PG tips Loose Leaf Black Tea, 1.5kg 480 Servings’ black tea is made with our signature One Cup blend and it is designed for perfect brewing times out of home. This is the ideal tea to share with a friend or colleague when you’re out. PG tips is the Nation’s favourite tea* and we’re proud to offer fully Rainforest Alliance Certified tea. It’s an accreditation that means that the tea plantations where we source our tea from are not only producing great-tasting tea, they are also making a real positive difference with the workers and their communities. It’s about improving the standard of living for workers while operating environmentally sustainable farming practices.



  • Strong black tea drunk with milk
  • Our signature one cup blend, designed for out of home tea serving
  • The Nation’s Favourite Tea*
  • 100% Rainforest Alliance certified tea
  • Perfect tea to share with a friend or colleague when you’re out


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