Single Plastic Cup Holder

Single Plastic Cup Holder, a compact and efficient solution for carrying and securing a single beverage with ease. Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee or enjoying a drink on the go, this cup holder is designed for convenience and practicality.


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Key Features:


  1. Single Cup Design: Specifically crafted to hold a single cup securely, this cup holder ensures stability and prevents spills, making it an ideal choice for individuals enjoying a solo drink.

  2. Durable Plastic Construction: Made from durable plastic, the cup holder provides a reliable and long-lasting solution for holding your beverage. Its sturdy design ensures that it can withstand everyday use.

  3. Convenient Carry Handle: The cup holder features a convenient built-in handle, allowing you to carry your drink with comfort and ease. The handle provides a secure grip for a worry-free transportation experience.

  4. Universal Cup Size Compatibility: Designed to accommodate various cup sizes, including standard coffee cups and disposable cups, this holder offers versatility to fit your preferred beverage container.

  5. Disposable and Recyclable: Like its larger counterparts, the single plastic cup holder is made from recyclable materials. It provides a disposable and environmentally conscious option for those occasions when a single-use solution is preferred.

  6. Compact and Portable: The compact size of the single cup holder makes it easily portable. Tuck it into your bag or carry it with you for a hassle-free way to transport your drink without the need for an additional tray or carrier.

  7. Perfect for On-the-Go: Ideal for individuals on the move, this cup holder simplifies the process of carrying a single beverage while walking, commuting, or running errands.

  8. Disposable and Recyclable: The single cup holder is a disposable option, making it suitable for situations where convenience and quick disposal are priorities. Its recyclable nature aligns with environmentally conscious choices.

Make your solo beverage moments more convenient with the Single Plastic Cup Holder. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee from your favorite cafe or enjoying a drink on the go, this holder provides a simple and effective solution for carrying your single cup with comfort and security.


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