Blend 6 B&Co Coffee Beans

Blend 6 B&Co Coffee Beans. Medium roast coffee blends are well-loved for their rounded flavour profile and balanced body. They are less acidic and fruity than a light roast but not as rich as a dark roast. 

Blend 6 B&Co Coffee Beans. The words often used to describe the taste of medium coffees are sweet, chocolatey, mellow, and smooth. The flavour notes you discover from medium roasts are some of the most versatile you can find. Medium roast coffee beans do an exceptional job of maintaining some of the natural flavours of the coffee\’s origin while adding a boost of richness and sweetness to the coffee bean.

Enjoy the balanced flavours and sweet aromas for yourself with our collection of Medium Roasted Coffees. Blend 6 is the type of coffee bean that features hints of liquorice and a taste of cinder toffee whilst providing a bold but smooth flavour. 

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