Flavia Espresso Roast, a coffee blend crafted to capture the bold and intense essence of espresso. Immerse yourself in the rich, robust flavors and aromatic notes that define this premium espresso experience.


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  1. Bold and Intense Espresso Flavor: Flavia Espresso Roast is carefully curated to deliver a bold and intense espresso experience. Savor the deep, full-bodied flavor with notes of dark chocolate and a velvety crema, making each shot a true indulgence.

  2. Premium Quality Beans: Sourced from select regions, our espresso beans are of the highest quality. Expertly roasted to perfection, Flavia Espresso Roast captures the essence of espresso craftsmanship, ensuring a consistently exceptional cup.

  3. Flavia Brewing System Compatibility: Tailored for the Flavia brewing system, Flavia Espresso Roast ensures a consistently delightful espresso shot every time. Experience the convenience of single-serve brewing without compromising on the authenticity of espresso.

  4. Individually Sealed Freshness: Each serving of Flavia Espresso Roast is individually sealed to preserve the freshness and aroma until it reaches your cup. Immerse yourself in the same exquisite quality as if the espresso beans were freshly ground just for you.

  5. Versatile Brewing Options: Whether you prefer a classic espresso shot, a rich Americano, or want to create specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, Flavia Espresso Roast is versatile and compatible with various brewing methods.

  6. Elevate Your Espresso Experience: Flavia Espresso Roast is perfect for those who seek an authentic and bold espresso experience. Elevate your coffee ritual with a blend that captures the essence of espresso craftsmanship and promises a rich and indulgent coffee moment.

Indulge in the bold and intense flavors of Flavia Espresso Roast, where each shot promises a journey into the heart of espresso culture. Elevate your coffee experience with a blend that celebrates the unique and exceptional qualities of espresso beans.


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