Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate in a 2kg Tin, a generous supply of the iconic and velvety smooth cocoa experience that Cadbury’s is renowned for. Ideal for offices, cafes, or avid chocolate enthusiasts, this bulk tin ensures you have an ample quantity of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate to share and savor over numerous delightful cups.


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  1. Iconic Cadbury’s Richness: Indulge in the signature richness and velvety smoothness that defines Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate. Each cup promises the classic and comforting taste that chocolate lovers have cherished for generations.

  2. Generous 2kg Tin: The 2kg tin provides an ample supply of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate, making it perfect for offices, cafes, and settings where a consistent and high-quality hot chocolate experience is desired. Ensure you never run out of your favorite cocoa treat.

  3. Versatile Serving Options: Whether you’re preparing individual cups or serving a crowd, the 2kg tin allows for versatile serving options. Customize the strength of your hot chocolate by adjusting the amount of powder to suit your taste preferences.

  4. Quick and Easy Preparation: Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy preparation. Simply scoop the desired amount of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate powder into a cup, add hot water or milk, stir, and relish the indulgent aroma and taste.

  5. Ideal for Commercial Use: The large 2kg tin is designed for commercial use, making it an excellent choice for cafes, restaurants, offices, and other settings where a consistently delicious hot chocolate is appreciated by customers and employees alike.

  6. Perfect for Events and Gatherings: Make a statement at events, gatherings, or meetings by offering Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate. The generous quantity ensures you can cater to a group of chocolate enthusiasts without worrying about running out.

  7. Trusted Cadbury’s Quality: With Cadbury’s, you can trust in the quality and excellence that comes with a brand steeped in chocolate tradition. Each cup delivers the delightful and comforting experience that has made Cadbury’s a household name.

Savor the rich and timeless indulgence of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate with the convenience of a 2kg Tin. Share the joy of velvety smooth chocolate goodness with friends, family, or colleagues, ensuring that every cup is a moment to be cherished.


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