6 Coffee Trends for 2020

6 Coffee Trends for 2020

As we head in towards spring (finally!) and the light evenings are edging closer, it’s time for us to look at how coffee trends will develop as the year progresses and the sun comes out (did anyone say cold brew?) Get excited…

  1. Sustainability

Sustainability is something to watch this year in all areas – and by drinking sustainable coffee, it will give people the peace of mind they need. Here at Balmforth & Co we pride ourselves on our sourcing ethos. As a family run business, we hold the same values today as we did 50 years ago when we started our journey. Our values and ethos are what we believe set us apart from other suppliers.

2.Cold Coffee

Cold coffee is fast becoming a universal substitute for soft drinks, as iced coffee emerges from the shadows and takes its place as both a summer and winter beverage of choice. Keep an eye out for exotic cold brew coffee soda as this niche is expected to explode in 2020.

3.Speciality Shops

Due to continued popularity, it is expected that the number of speciality shops (in the UK) will continue to grow in 2020. This is a clear indication that many people in the country are willing to pay more if they receive a higher quality cup of coffee.

4.Coloured Drinks.

Because… why not? Adding a splash of colour to your morning ritual latte is an amazing way to start your day with a smile. Rainbow latte, green cappuccino and beetroot latte are a thing. Skilled Baristas all over the UK are delighting their customers everywhere. Keep your eye out for them coming to a coffee shop near you!

5.Alternative milks.

According to market research firm Mintel, almost a quarter of British people are now drinking non-dairy milks. The biggest users of non-dairy milk are 16 -24-year olds – with 33% drinking them. So, whether it\’s almond, soya or coconut, it seems we can’t get enough of the plant-based stuff. Take a look at our handy guide to get the perfect foam every time.

6.Sugar Free Drinks.

The effect of sugar on our health is well documented. For those with a sweet tooth, sugar alternatives such as honey, coconut sure and Stevia are just a few ways people are getting their sweet treat – without the sugary consequences.

We’re always happy to talk coffee. If you’ve spotted any trends, get in touch!

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