Calypso coffee

How to make Calypso coffee

How to make Calypso coffee? Looking for a calypso coffee recipe? Try expert barista Celeste Wong’s step-by-step guide, then check out her dalgona coffee and Baileys coffee recipes.

Celeste says, “Calypso coffee isn’t that common but it is delicious. It is made with rum, coffee liqueur, coffee, and pouring cream layered on top – and it doesn’t look too dissimilar to an Irish coffee. Sometimes it can be made with crème liqueurs like crème de cacao – it’s important to note that these are made with more sugar so are a bit thicker in consistency but don’t actually contain cream, unlike Irish cream. Therefore the colour of the coffee should still appear dark with the cream forming a distinct and dramatic layer.”

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  • 150ml strong hot filtered coffee
  • 30ml coffee liqueur
  • 30ml rum
  • 10ml (optional) simple syrup (or 1 tsp soft brown sugar)
  • 30ml thick pouring cream
  • 2 coffee beans, to garnish (alternatively, garnish with grated chocolate)


  • STEP 1 Pour hot filtered coffee into a cup or glass. Add coffee liqueur, rum and simple syrup if using (or sugar and mix until dissolved).
  • STEP 2 Using the back of a spoon, carefully decant the cream onto the surface of the drink. Garnish with two coffee beans or a grating of chocolate.

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