How to make an Easy Home Brew: Pour-Over Coffee Guide

Master the Art of Pour-Over Coffee

Unlock the rich, nuanced flavours of pour-over coffee with the precision and simplicity of the pour-over method. It’s a craft that allows you to savour every aromatic note and create a cup of coffee that’s uniquely your own.

Pour over Coffee Maker

What You’ll Need:

  • Freshly roasted coffee beans
  • A pour-over cone or dripper
  • Paper or reusable metal coffee filter
  • A carafe or coffee mug
  • A gooseneck kettle
  • A scale
  • A timer


  • Coarsely ground coffee (about 1-2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water)
  • Hot water (just off the boil, around 200°F or 93°C)


1. Heat the Water:

  • Bring your water to a boil and then let it sit for about 30 seconds to reach the ideal temperature.

2. Rinse the Filter:

  • Place the paper filter into your pour-over cone and set it over your carafe or coffee mug. Rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water. This not only removes any paper taste but also preheats your brewing vessel.

3. Measure and Add Coffee:

  • Weigh out the desired amount of coarsely ground coffee and add it to the rinsed filter.

4. The Bloom:

  • Start your timer and pour just enough hot water over the coffee grounds to saturate them evenly. This is called the “bloom” and should take about 30 seconds. Allow the coffee to bloom as it releases trapped gases.

5. Begin the Pour:

  • After the bloom, start pouring hot water in a slow, spiral motion over the coffee grounds. Pour in a steady, controlled manner, working your way from the center to the outer edges. Keep the water level just below the rim of the pour-over cone.

6. Maintain the Flow:

  • Your pour-over should take about 2-4 minutes in total. Aim to keep a consistent, slow flow of water throughout this time. Adjust your pour rate to maintain the water level.

7. Savor the Drip:

  • Once you’ve poured all the water, allow the coffee to drip through the filter completely. It’s a mesmerizing sight, and you’ll soon be rewarded with a freshly brewed cup.

8. Enjoy Your Brew:

  • Remove the pour-over cone, and there it is—the result of your craftsmanship. Sip slowly, savoring the rich and aromatic flavors of your pour-over coffee.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Experiment with grind size, coffee-to-water ratios, and pouring techniques to fine-tune your pour-over coffee until it’s just right for your taste buds. Enjoy your journey into the world of specialty coffee!

Each pour-over coffee is a work of art, a moment of mindfulness, and a delightful sensory experience that’s worth savoring. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee enthusiast or a beginner, the pour-over method allows you to create a cup of coffee that’s uniquely yours—one that captures the essence of the beans and the magic of the brewing process. So, gather your tools, embrace the ritual, and elevate your coffee game one pour at a time. Happy brewing!

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